Privacy Policy
Date of Last Revision: October 28, 2015
SyntaxLAMP is a social networking and content sharing network.
We may change this privacy policy from time to time.  We will update the Date of Last Revision above, or provide additional notice on our services (website, mobile application, etc.)
Information We Collect
Infocmation is transmitted to and collected by SyntaxLAMP in two basic ways:  information provided directly to us and information automatically collected
Direct Information
When joining SyntaxLAMP (signing up as a member), we need to collect basic information to create and authenticate your account.  We collect your unique username, email address, and password.
Messages and files you post, upload, and submit to SyntaxLAMP are also directly collected.
Automatic Information
Some information is sent to and collected by SyntaxLAMP automatically.  This information is collected passively through header information sent by your web browser or collected from your device automatically.  We collect the following types and examples of automatic information:
  • Log Information Your web browser, or mobile device, may transmit header information to SyntaxLAMP including, among other things, your web browser name and version, your operating system name and version, your language, pages you have visited or the page last visited before navigating to our services, your public IP address, and geolocation information.
  • Mobile Information Your phone's network type (wi-fi or phone data), your phone contacts (optional feature), your device's operating system, version, and screen size.
  • Usage Information Aggregate data, such as the number of messages sent, the number of SyntaxLAMP contacts or recipients, and the date and time of usage is collected.
  • Cookie and Storage We may store authentication and temporary information in your web browser or device's localStorage, sessionStorage, or cookie technologies.  Cookie information may be transmitted to SyntaxLAMP.  Many modern web browsers allow the option to reject or disable cookies, localStorage, and sessionStorage, but please note that doing so may inhibit SyntaxLAMP's operation and functionality of our services.
Support Information
User support or general inquiries collect whatever information you volunteer.  You may be able to submit files, messages, or your email address through our websites and applications as well as through email.
How We Use Your Information
We use the information collected from you for the following purposes:
  • Provide and maintain our services and features
  • Verify and authenticate your account and login information
  • Respond to your support and general inquiries
  • Improve, maintain, and develop our products and services
  • Analyze and track usage and trends
  • Carry out any other purpose for which the information was collected
Where Your Information is Stored and Processed
SyntaxLAMP is based in the United States.  SyntaxLAMP is currently marketed to United States users, but international users may be using our services.  No matter where you live or use our services, your information is transmitted to, processed in, and stored in the United States of America.
Information Sharing
We share your information for the following purposes:
  • Sending/receiving a message Other site users will see your username, your profile picture (thumbnail picture), your message, attached files or videos, the status of the message (opened, sent, etc), and the date and time of the message's submission or opening
  • Searching for users When a user searches for another user's username to add as a contact or to chat with, your username and profile picture may be shared
  • Facebook When using Facebook information to search for friends and contacts, your username and profile picture may be provided to them
  • Legal process We may share information about you in response to legal process or request for information if we believe disclosure is consistent with or required by any law or regulation; to investigate potential violations of our user agreements or policies; or to protect our or users' rights and safety
  • Other information We may share other information about you with your consent and at your direction
  • Aggregate data We may share aggregated data without identifying information, which cannot reasonably identify you.  An example of this would be traffic or usage data sent to shareholders or investor prospects.
Third Party Links
Links to third party websites or services, provided by us or other users, have their own privacy practices and procedures not maintained or governed by SyntaxLAMP.  You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for how third parties collect or use your information.  We encourage you to review the privacy policies and terms of third party websites and services you visit and use.
Removal and Amendment of Information
We may remove or amend your information at any time, at our sole discretion.  If you would like to request information be removed or amended, please send your requests or inquiries to  We will review your request, but ultimately, we reserve sole discretion and right to make the final decision to remove, amend, or keep your information.